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Welcome to 100-tweets! We have a great selection of Apps for your Android devices. They all work great – from 3.2″ Phones to 10.1″ tablets.

All our apps are FREE to Download and use! Some are on the Google Android marketplace, some aren’t. Either way you will get the same high quality and attention to detail on apps installed from 100-tweets or the marketplace.

App Categories are on the right hand side > on the web, and at the bottom of the page on mobile.

If you have a barcode reader on your phone or tablet, scan the qr code on the right > to go to whichever page you’ve scanned.


You will need to allow 3rd party downloads on your Android Device. To do this, Go to Home. Navigate: Menu > Settings > Applications > Tick “Unknown Sources”.

If you’re viewing this on an Android Device, click the download button for the app you want, navigate a little way down the resulting screen and hit the “Click here to Download” link.

The app will automatically start downloading to your device. Slide down your Notification screen and wait for the download to finish. Once it’s finished, click on the message and the app will install.

Your app will be located in the usual “All Apps” screen.

If you’re viewing this on the internet there are two options, depending on the location of the download. either:

1. Hit the Download button, Hit the “Click here to Download” link and download to your PC.


2. Hit the download button and download to  your PC.

Put the downloaded .apk (app) file somewhere on your Devices SD card. Open your file manager (for example Astro Manager or ES File Explorer, from the Android Marketplace) on the device.

Select the apk (app) file that you added to your SD card. If you get the “complete action using” pop-up screen, choose “package installer”. Once it’s completed, your app will be found in the usual “All Apps” screen.

Another way to install to your Android Device is to download the apk file to your computer and email it as an attachment to the googlemail address associated with your mobile phone/tablet. When your device receives it, open the email and there will be an install button.

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